“Every person has a story. Every believer has a testimony and Every church has mission.”

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“Every person has a story.”  

That phrase is usually the motivation used by reporters or writers to ascertain interesting information for articles or stories. Not only does every person have a story but every church has a story and every believer in that church has a story (We sometimes call them testimonies). The best people to tell those testimonies are those who have lived and experienced them.

In the early days of this magazine, founder Terrence Clark  traveled up and down several states, visited multiple churches from various denominations and have come to know pastors and leaders from divers denomination, races, and ethnicity. He has also interviewed missionaries and evangelists who have traveled throughout the world seeing, firsthand, the miraculous presence of God at work in lives of people in the nations abroad.

"It has been a wonderful experience and my beliefs have been confirmed that although we may differ in the church circles, on various points of worship," says Terrence, "often the passion for the Lord and our pursuits of Him has much commonality."

The vision of Voice of One CNC has a strategic focus. We are "a Christian newspaper and commentary that will reach the church at large and the world with the Voice of One".  The Voice of One CNC is not Acts 29, it is just a resource, a voice declaring in this day a living God. Paul, by the Holy Spirit, wrote in 1 Corinthians 14:10 that there are many voices in the world and all have meaning - but John the Baptist concluded some years before decreeing, “ I am not the one, but the voice of one crying n the wilderness!” His cries still calls to a sin parched world thirsty for the  Love of God. That cry is to all who are thirsty to come and drink.



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Terrence and his wife contribute a lot of their own personal resources to help lessen the cost and help the vision to keep going.

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