Workshops & Ministry

Engage Terrence or one of our other teachers in these intense Holy Spirit led workshops. Workshops are geared as super soakers to allow an atmosphere of saturation on the relative topics. Although topics are biblical and precise, they are non denominaional in intent. They are designed to help, aid, and support the body of Christ and bring clarity. After attending a workshop, your faith is guaranteed to soar.

Teacher / Prophet / Publisher

In 1980, Terence recieved the calliing from the Lord to proclaim the Wod of God.

Knowing that God's Word is single in thought, the vessel he uses were diverse as so was the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

"What do you want me to preach," ask Terrence to the Lord. "I know its the Word but what gifting."

God spoke to Terrence's heart saying "My Church has been laughing at the World because the World says---I am dead and have no power, but my people have been saying my Word is dead and has no power.

The Lord told Terrence, "I want to preach to the World that I'm alive and teach my people that my Word is alive and full of power. Preach the reality of my Word."

And from one arena to another, Terrence minsitry has transverse  from the written Word, to the spoken, to the sung, to the arts, to drama, and more.

Having been only exposed to the 5-fold office of the pastor (Ephesians 4:11) as a youth, Terrence has been called to operate in multiplicty of ministries.
These workshops are extentsions of this minsitry and bring forth a sound, but refreshing revelation of scripture that will super-charge your faith, bring healing manifestations to your body, ignite your prayer life and relationship with God...

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Divine Health

The Prayer Worshop  &
21 Kinds of Prayer

Beyond the Fault Line

This workshop will take you from healing school 101 to advance Divine Life build a foundation of biblical wholeness---its not more healing its life divine life & wholeness. Participatory--Confessions--prayer & exercise healing available
This message is a prelude to 21 Applications of the blood of Jesus.
This word will eradicated the thoughts of inadequacies in your Christian life and relationships and pin point just where you are in God's plan.
Did you know that there are over 21 different kinds of prayer mentioned and used scripture? Its a wonder why a lot of Christians falter in their communication with God.
The simplistic answer to What is prayer?” is usually---Its just talking to God.” Well is it?
This workshop helps to clarify through study, example, and participation. Grow in the fellowship, execution, and intimacy of prayer.
Develop your prayer life today”

21 Applications of the Blood 

Your Life DNA Mapping

How to Go Fishing

DNA is the basic building block of biological life. It not only determines who you are and what you will be but it maintains that identity.

Now that's the physical you. But did you know that God has a DNA map that determines the whole you---spirit, soul, body (economically, socially, and future). This one will
change your life.
This message is a prelude to 21 Applications of the Blood of Jesus. This word will eradicated the thoughts of inadequacies in your Christian life and relationships and pin point just where you are in God's plan
There is power, wondrous working power in the blood of Jesus. This
workshop teaches a biblical foundation of the blood of Christ and its application in the daily life of the believer.

Underground Streams

How to Predict the Future

Writing & Living With Intent & Purpose

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Workshop investigates how to access the controls that govern a person's destiny. Class teaches how daily decisions can effect a person journey in life and ultimately fulfill the God given dreams, and vision for your life. Terrence teaches from the outline of his book of the same name, therefore expose how to identify hindrances in life, make right choices, and stay the course God has destined for your success in Him
An inspirational workshop for writers, singer, speakers, or any one who needs to engage the calling on their life and fulfill their potential.

After this class you will look at your life as an divine appointment and
on course for greatness and never be hindered again

How to Publishing  my Story

Starting A Newsletter

Life Coaching 101

Everybody has  a story, but not evryone will write theirs in book form. Still that doesn't mean the story shouldn't be told. Assuredly, there's someone in this world of 7.5 billion + waiting to hear yours. We can help you tell yours in one or many ways. Release your copy through---testimony, article, poetry, song, greeting card, blog, business card, cartoon, sermon, etc and of course through that book. We can help get you heard.
Start a church newsletter, blog, or a column in the Voice of One magazine ( This workshop will help launch your writing ministry
Get out of the rut - Overcome, Win and Advance. Every one needs a life coach at some point in time - even a life coach.

This workshop uses life coaching techniques and Holy Ghost fire to engage the students to pick up their cross and run. A must for success in every facet of life.

Expected the Unexpected

Baptism and Communion

Many times we look for things we desire to just happen or pop-up and then we call that faith (or if they don't) a lack of faith.
Conversely, faith requires hope in God and His Word. God's Word is not an invisible thing of uncertainty, but it's what upholds the entire universe---- including the things relating to our
life and ministry - 

A non doctrinal study of these two most common Christian sacraments and how they are given to the body of Christ to live a maximum life of victory.

Ministering to Children

ClubK4C Training

5 Fold & Gifts of the Spirit

Terrence teaches on the importance of children's ministry and how it is more than just teaching a bible lesson but an point of impact for kids and their families. Meet Lazurus Lion and the workshop...
The official training workshop for The Glory Cloud publications franchise unit ClubK4C. Module teaches various aspects and requirements to host a successful ClubK4C kids club in your

A breakdown of the 5 fold offices and the gifts of the Spirit. How the body of Christ and its members are suppose to grow and not be

Eschatology 101

The Prophetic Office & Gift of Prophecy

Holy Spirit 101

What's next? A get your feet wet expose on end times slanted to the believer's preparation for Jesus' return
Sent to empower the disciples of Christ in the most productive life, this class expresses a relation with the Comforter and His role in revealing Jesus---includes person of the Spirit, fruit & gifts of the Spirit, speaking & tongues, the glory of God. 
Who is God talking too…Difference between OT & NT prophets, callings of several bible prophets / role of he NT prophet & prophecy / the word from the Lord

Life Coaching Symposium

Creative Artist Production Consortium

Entrepreneur Consortium

From book to article to illustrations to testimonies, the workshop covers the how's and don'ts of publishing. Shows how every story can be published.
A fellowship of Christian entrepreneurs share insight resources
helping business and ministries win, advance, and overcome.

A fellowship of Christian writers, artist, dramatist, singers, producers,
musicians sharing resources and support helping to advance the
kingdom of God.

How to Tell Your Story

Introduction to Articles Writing

Sermons for your Studies

The following sermon notes are made available for venues and churches recenly preached at or for any one who desires to grow thier faith  and relationship in God..Notes do not contain the prophetc and emphasized message for the placed preached

No You Cant Have A Merry Little Chistmas / Keeping Christ in Christian
From book to article to illustrations to testimonies, this workshop covers the how's and don'ts of publishing. Shows
how every story can be published
Why wait ffor the book to be finished. Artcles typically take less time to write and can be rewarding and profitable. There are so many subjects, classications, styles, and markets to get you published. Wokshop gets you started. You'll have written the first draft of you piece by the end of the class.

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Workshops & Seminar

Most workshops are currently specially priced at $150.00 (up to 10 people) for up to two hours. Cost increases after 10 and are negotiable. Cost includes handouts. Seminars and multiple topics packages are negotiated.

Payment is 50% upfront and the balance at two days before event. For locations over 50 miles travel and lodging may be added to cost. 

(Please do not let cost be a deterrent. Contact for possible creative payment arrangements)
Engaging Rev. Terrence for preaching, teaching and prophetic release engagements is separate from workshops and secured differently.